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Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL)

Indian STEAM Premier League is a competition-based format that develops and evaluates 21st-century skills of the child through a year-long journey. ISPL is a multi-level league where students go through numerous rounds of evaluation including STEAM Aptitude test, STEAM projects, and championship events. ISPL recognizes participating students & mentors at each level with scholarships, certifications, and world trips.


Todays education is focused around the quote of Herbert Spencer – “Survival of the fittest” based on Charles Darwin’s theory. Since healthy competitions are integral part of our educational journey, very few works towards developing skills. Aligning itself with same philosophy, Indian STEAM Premier League (ISPL) is the only competition in India which brings STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) as a learning pedagogy across all grades and develop 21st century skillsets in a healthy competition league.

ISPL Philosophy


About National STEAM Olympiad

NATIONAL STEAM OLYMPIAD is an AI based next generation online evaluation platform for students to test their skills on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Students from all boards can participate and receive NSTO certificate. Students can also see their ‘dynamic’ ranking in India, city wise and school wise.

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