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Creator Club

Imagination is every child’s play. We provide the right engagement to build on your child's ability. With the correct dose of Science, Tech, Engg, and Math the learning outcomes can be no better. 

CC Home

What We Offer!

  • We offer six different creator clubs for your child to explore in his or her topic of interest. 

  • Each club covers activities spanning 12 hours/ 24 hours

  • Courses span 3 months and can be taken as weekly once or weekly twice activity.

  • Certificates will be provided on completion of the course

Steam Club

The purpose of STEM education - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - is to provide students with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience in order to cope with the technological challenges of the future. Modern pedagogical theories suggest that the study of engineering should be incorporated in all other subjects, starting from the elementary level.  In this STEAM lab session, we teach to engage students in STEM disciplines in a fun, exciting and interesting way!  The series covers a broad area of subjects: Mechanics and Simple machines, Structures, Newton’s Laws, gears and worm drives and more.

Steam Club
Electronics Club

Electronics Club

We make school students and kids learn electronics from basics to advanced in an easy, efficient and fun-filled way.  This electronics workshop will provide students with in-depth
 knowledge of electronics.  Through this electronics-based course and electronics kits, kids and students will learn to build his/her own electronics circuits and projects.

Gadget Maker Club

Kids will be designing gadgets with the prebuilt electronic modules. Kids can design gadgets for any innovative ideas. Connect the modules to create any kind of electronic circuit. 

Gadget Maker

Coder Club



- makes kids problem solvers

- teaches logical reasoning

- teaches attention to detail

- skills can lead to a good career

- teaches critical thinking

  • Kids who code develop self confidence

  • In the coding club, we make coding fun. Kids experiment and learn to code. We use the popular programming languages

  • LOGO 


  • JS 

  • Code to draw

  • Python 

Smart Home  AI & IOT Club

Here kids are taught how Internet of things work . With many modern talking gadgets touching the everyday lives , kids learn how to program and build their own.


Aero Modelling Club

Drones and hovercrafts. The kids explore the Science and Mechanics of the machines which defy gravity.

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